UGLY – only dark enough to be real!

One does walk on a tight rope with a screenplay, character sketch and an unlit story like that, but only Anurag Kashyap could have created this masterpiece with such finesse.

From the very first frame of the movie, he ties you vigorously to your seat with a rope and keeps tangling and untangling it till the last frame, and you willingly sit there motionless witnessing the this brilliant mystery unfold.

The ugliness of every human alive has been summed up in this plot of a young girl gone missing. Tejaswini Kolhapure, plays a frustrated housewife. The meshed nature of her character travels through time and relationships and starkly convinces us of her existence. Rahul Bhatt shines like a diamond with his crude depiction of a struggling actor who also happens to be a father, the father part being comparatively dormant. Ronit Roy is as extraordinary as usual, so one is not surprised. Be it the police inspector, played by the veteran Girish Kulkarni or the casting director, there is not a single inch of error by any participant to spoil the grim mood and allow you to blink. Surveen Chawla is refreshingly raw with her ‘main tujhe nichod lun’ act.¬†¬†There are some scenes so irrelevant to the main story that only a director like Kashyap could have managed to place them so relevantly that even they keep you hooked.

The marvel of the story lies in the grave side of all the characters depicted with such realism. The excellent job by the gamut of actors and the hard-hitting screenplay leaves you with something that you cannot wash your hands off, even after a few hours of the movie. It will make you laugh, cringe, gasp and also leave you disturbed, but only to expose you to what exists but you don’t wish to see. Do watch it, and find your own reasons to like/dislike it, but do not miss for it is rightly ugly.

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