SOORYAVANSHI | Cutting review | Welcome back to mindless entertainment

It’s a Rohit Shetty film, it’s a genre of flying cars, so if you are expecting sense or gravity you are in the wrong place. An over the top, masala, out an out Bollywood song dance action thriller is what this trailer has been promising us for that last 1.5 years and it is exactly what it delivers. 

Once you buy the ticket to Sooryavanshi, you have signed up to enter into his fictional cop universe .You get your slow-mo hero entry, crisp khakis, raybans, blown up cars, marathi one liners and a signature bg music, anything less than this would be a disappointment. But this time around Rohit Shetty ads a layer seriousness with a subject like terrorism. This is where it disturbs me a little because realism and Rohit Shetty aren’t really a match made in heaven, but I wasn’t ready to let that come in the way of some mindless entertainment.

But the first half feels like a diluted version of Shetty universe. There is  family drama, religious gyaan, social messaging etc interfering with would could have been the usual shallow action-packed masala film. This part could have been tighter on the edit.

The Simba and Singham entry in the second half suddenly elevates the adrenalin rush. This is where you get your paisa-wasool single screen seenti moments. The trio gets plenty slow-mos from all angles with blaring theatrics.

Akshay kumar gives his signature clean action moves, Ranveer as Simba brings his mad energy and much needed comedy, Ajay Devgan is there to prove who’s the boss and also hint at a sequel. Katrina Kaif acts in her 1 monologue and that’s all you can give a heroine in a Rohit Shetty multi-hero film.

The background score is nice but the songs are unnecessary.

With all its flaws, it does not get boring and makes for a much- awaited theatre release.

Going with a genereous 3/5

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