An untimely death leaves a young widow grappling with the idea of grief. The farthest of relatives are lining up displaying profound loss meanwhile this girl is craving pani puri.

You go against the expectations of the society and you are declared insane in no time. For Sandhya, asking for Pepsi and Chips in those 13 days of mourning, does the job to be tagged Paglait.

The film runs at a very pleasantly slow pace. It makes very subtle yet clever commentry on a lot of things that goes on a traditional Hindu middle class family. Door ke relatives suddenly becoming too close to provide unsolicited advice, the hypocrisy of elders who claim to be open minded in discussion but never in reality, also how superstitions and rituals take precedence over emotions or reason even more is such tragic events. All this while not indulging too much into the right and wrong of anything. It just holds a mirror for you to view the absurdity of situations which we otherwise consider mundane. The film is full of tiny observations through its cinematography and art-direction making the entire small town joint family set up even more authentic.

Umesh Bist brings a line up of actors who hold a special kind of expertise in bringing alive middle class UP right in your living rooms.

Raghubir Yadav is highly relatable as that tayaji whose authority is above logic. Ashutosh Rana and Sheeba Chadda are pure magic as helpless parents struggling between mourning a child’s death and an attending an army of guests.
Sanya Malhotra fits perfectly into this unorthodox storytelling. Trust her to make you feel the oddest of feelings with her restrained performance.

Special mention to Arijit Singh who makes a debut as a music director here
And does not disappoint.

An honest unusual unhurried story that is highly likeable.
Going with 3.5 /5

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