HAMPI – Where History meets Hippie

No hills or hike trails to wander through, no beaches to tan your day away and no food or shopping ‘must haves’. Yet Hampi has an unfiltered charm that has been attracting backpackers across the world to its discovering.

Why Hampi?

So a bunch of us (friends) argued for almost two months over deciding a place of common interest for an extended weekend. Despite all votes to Goa, some mystical force had us book tickets to Hampi. Thanking that force and breaking down the arguments for Hampi.

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Travel essentials (Part 2) – easy breezy leather wallet

Are you the kinds who indulge in travel shopping with equal or higher enthusiasm than the travel planning itself?  Me too! It does indeed require a lot of ‘make or break ‘kind of decision making on what goes into that backpack/suitcase.

My favourite companion while travelling is a sleek and trendy sling bag with just the right amount of essentials, which include- Passport holder, wallet, sunscreen and sunglasses.

So when Urby offered this sleek as hell, adorable little-personalised wallet, it was an absolute joy to use it!

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Giethoorn – Fall in love this with this fairytale village in Netherlands

For Euro trip first-timers, our itinerary was rather heavily bent towards countryside exploration than the usual tourist bustling destinations.

This inclination led to our internet discovery of Giethoorn –  a place that can be only be described as a Dream!

Gorgeous thatched –roof farmhouses sitting amid fairytale gardens connected by small canals. The picture is almost unreal to imagine for a city dweller. Located only a few hours away from Amsterdam, we had this on the top of our ‘must-visit’ places in the Netherlands. The pictures hardly do only some justice to this idyllic village but are compelling enough for Geithoorn to make way to your bucket list.

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