Pahadganj ke Chole in Mumbai! Such excitement & much more at +91, Juhu

A name that spells India loud and clear, and offers you exactly that without any clichés.

What looks like a highbrow art house from the outside, +91 is a beautiful bringing together of everything Indian. The owners Vipul Shah and Bipin Grewal have travelled through the flavourful kitchens of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and have brought forth a delectable spread that represents the food culture of the country.

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Indore – a food trail to die for!

A wise man once said, ”there is no sincerer love, than the love of food”. What if you were to find a place that is so overwhelmingly full of food that a visit here is no less than a pilgrimage!

Indore – a place that brings together the flavours of Gujrat, the earthiness of Rajasthan, some ingredients from  Maharashtra and adds its own punch to it. Be it the famous ‘Chappan Dukaan’ or the ever-lit night food street of Sarafa Bazaar, it is a year-long crazy food festival here. Continue reading

Kode, Lower Parel – Freestyle, Luxurious and an Explosion of flavors!

In the buzzing food scenes of Bombay, the rehabilitated Kamala Mills compound is popping new- age style restaurants every now and then. But only a few have managed to live up to the rage that the initial flurry of reviews creates.

KODE is that addition to Zorawar Kalra’s lineage of innovative culinary experiences, which ups the ante of their previous success stories. Although this place demands a lot of build up, let us cut the long story short and tell you exactly what’s worth your money and calories.
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