That crazy chick who speaks in movie quotes fluently. Who can break into a perfectly choreographed Bollywood dance routine at any wedding. And whose therapy to any distress is movies!

I also love food and try my luck at cooking whenever unwanted guests are to be taught a lesson. With a questionable appetite, I am always up for new experiments with food especially local!

Travel is a new-found love. Yes, everyone is on wanderlust and selling it,  but just don’t buy it until you see the magic yourself. It worked its charm on me and hope it does on you too 🙂

So what ties it all together? The love for writing combined with my Virgo attributes of criticism make the best mix for ‘Cutting’, honest and unbiased reviews! Cutting reviews gives you a crisp take on everything in the world of movies, food and travel for the lazy readers on the go, and if you are intrigued, there is always more to read and explore:)

Get in touch at –  reviewscutting@gmail.com

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