Tiger Zinda Hai – thank god there is more to this than Tiger

If only it wasn’t called ‘inspired by true incidents’ our appetite for irrationality would have been more welcoming than it already is. This sequel to Ek Tha Tiger brings back our hero RAW agent who’s been hiding somewhere in the Alps, only more bloated. If you are still recovering from Tubelight, the opening scene rejects all your doubts about his ‘Tiger’ like qualities, supported by action and blatant dialogues. Not to mention, this intro makes for a good take on Salman’s wildlife fondness.

Tiger Zinda Hai tries to say and do a lot of things all at once, as if attempting to escape the  ‘just a Bhai flick’ label. It brings together forces from India and Pakistan to display peace over religion. It has a Syrian kid being saved by Bhai to represent humanity over nationality. Also, bravery by Katrina Kaif is labelled as women empowerment. And none of this is symbolical; it is all said out loud in schmaltzy ballads. In the thick of an international war zone, they discuss how cricket and music would have been phenomenal without borders. Meant to be emotional, it is awkwardly funny. Also, there are 90’s Hindi songs for RAW codes, seriously! There is a decent ensemble of actors only to be ‘Big Bossed’ by Salman. Katrina for once has some well-choreographed action sequences. Her agility is a refreshingly real compared to Bhai’s slurry moves. The number of cars flying up in smokes can give Rohit Shetty a run for his money, but that’s an action mandate, right? There is a lot of unapologetic defiance of logic overall, but every time you tend to question it, someone reiterates ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and sets your expectations right.

In this otherwise confused plot, Sajjad Delfarooz as the main villain shines through. For non-bhai fans, this guy and all the action is what should keep drive you to the theatres.

For Bhai fans, go bow, your god is back.



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