Thugs of Hindostan – the title is a hint, stay from being thugged!

A rebellious army of so called ‘thugs’ fighting against the East India Company with a mission to take revenge for their destroyed monarchy years ago. The story begins with a dumb to death backstory of this single objective of the ‘Thugs’. These group of interestingly dressed warriors, is led by a  guardian, Khudabaksh (Amitabh Bachchan) and his ally, a former princess Zafira (Sana Shaikh).
What follows thereafter is a tedious narrative  so predictable that not a single drop of water gets you by surprise.
The only person having a ball in this 2 hour 45 mins hour long stretch is Firangi Mallah (Aamir Khan) himself.  Placed at the center of attention but not entertainment , Khan’s energy is straight out of AAA. His eye rolling can make a non die hard fan almost dizzy. Everyone else is misplaced in this saga, picked up from their own original pieces and put awkwardly together. Katrina for one is in her Chameli and Sheila hangover but punished with some unfitting music and dance moves(let’s call them that). Try as you may to approve of all this in the name of her drop dead gorgeousness but nah! Watching a 76 year old Amitabh fence swords is a quite a sight, sadly even that doesn’t land the punch it is expected to. Fatima’s role is missed in a blink.
The music and choreography is bizzare to say the least. The action sequences, the CGI, dialogues, twists, nothing is worth your buck.  Ambitious big-ticket entertainer but dull as a dishwater, yes we feel truly thugged!


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