Tevar – Mindless, tiring and done to death!

‘Main to Superman, Salman ka Fan’ – that is pretty much the story, screenplay, dialogues, song, etc of the movie. If you have watched the song, you have pretty much exposed yourself to 50% of what the film might drag you through.

Pintoo, an ‘Agra ka launda’ is a regular local hoodlum, who can beat 10 guys at once, convincingly, while Radhika is as trivial as any character ever played by Sonakshi Sinha. There is no chance that you will lose track of which city we are in, because irrespective of the scene there will be Taj Mahal in background to reiterate ‘Agra’. The length of the songs are of the era, where they used to be eloquent, but in an era where it is just song and dance with random gibberish. The dialogues and the character names could spark a giggle, but other than that they are also highly inspired and restrained to any other movie of this genre.

Arjun Kapoor, with his strong presence makes up for a good ‘Salman Ka Fan’ but that’s the end to it.
He does a good attempt at the mammoth-like heavy lifting and redundant clanging and banging, but having seen the experts like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan having done this a plentiful times, we are left unimpressed. Sonakshi Sinha is the ‘damsel in distress forever’ .How she just calmly stays there for a guy to fall madly in love with her, and then get beaten up to death just to save her is unbelievably annoying. With her looking more masculine than most of ‘Pintoo’s guy friends, you believe that she could very well beat the hell out of atleast one guy at a time when attacked, but no..she chooses to be that naive, weak woman whose only power is to make mad strong men fall for her.
Once again the strongest point of the movie is its casting. Manoj Bajpai, the seasoned actor, does another praisable ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ act. Without having anything new to offer he adds his undying vim to ‘Gajendra Singh’ and makes up for a likable villian. Raj Babbar, as Pintoo’s father is a perfect balance of a strict cop and a protective yet proud father. The brother-sister relationship between in Pinoo and Pinky is well done and rather refreshing.
I cannot think of a reason for you to watch this movie, unless you want to brainlessly drool over Arjun Kapoor, like I did!

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