Gully Boy – Make way for Swag, Swank and Slang of the Rap world

Disclaimer: This review is only going to be full of applauses and admiration to the brilliance that Gully Boy is.

India’s first true-blue street musical, Gully Boy chronicles the life of Murad, a boy living in the world famous slums of Dharavi, inspired by the real rappers – Divine and Naezy.

An actor of the explosive energy levels of Ranvir Singh, who was last seen making an almost 10 mins long full-blown Bollywood hero entry in Simba, simply appears as the third (least) important person in soft focus in the opening scene of Gully Boy. In focus stays his friend (played by the supremely talented Vijay Verma) who sets up the scene of Dharavi and the humdrums of its residents for whatever is to follow.

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Based on a very serious problem that plagues a modern India – defecation in open, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha makes a brave attempt at social satire. Despite being icky, we cannot deny the interest this subject evokes. We saw a fantastic film surrounding a similar subject in PIKU. While we cringed at it grossness, it became a household hit. Toilet, on the other hand, is tricky with all its gravitas.

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MOM – Stellar performances shine in an over-fatigued story


What appears to be a story of a sexual assault and its aftermath, unfolds gradually to an extremely emotional saga of vengeance. It  opens with a brief intro to the strained relationship  between a mother/teacher and her step daughter. Within the first few minutes, through just the charm in her eyes, Sridevi as Devaki establishes her undying urge to bridge -the gap between Ma’am and Mom with the daughter. Continue reading