ROY – The mystery of a missing script!

The lack of genuine intelligence leads to pretense. Roy is the story of one such attempt.

With a stellar cast like Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranbir Kapoor the hotness quotient of the movie is high enough to drive you to the theaters, but the sullen progress thereafter is highly competitive to a sleeping pill.

Kabir, a director/filmmaker struggling to write a sequel to his supposedly hit prequel ‘Guns’ is what leads to this inane story. The name of the movie itself explains the lack of imagination. You might look for logic initially, but by the time you reach the interval you loose track of the number of unanswered questions in your head.

The perpetual vogue present in the locale as well as the characters is enticing, but leaves you confused about the era they claim to be in. There are two romances unfolding, and you’d be expected to be intrigued by the blend of real and reel life, but all you are left with is double the melancholy.

Jacqueline Fernandez is seen in double role. The exquisite styling of both the characters is praiseworthy. While one sports a ‘in your face’ red lipstick at all times, the other covers herself with envious accessories and tattoos. This could certainly be to justify her ‘suave filmmaker’ image cause you don’t see her with any cast or crew ever to be able to make an ‘award – winning’ film.

Arjun Rampal is drool worthy even while he brushes his teeth. That’s that.

The saddest part about ROY is ‘Roy’ himself. For Ranbir Kapoor to come down to something lower than ‘Besharam’, is worse than Vishal Dadlani choosing to act. Ranbir seems to be punished to be part of this humdrum recital, minus his charm and lovable wit.

There are interruptive, mainstream song and dance sequences shoved forcefully into a narrative struggling to be a thriller. The dialogues of the movie seem to be written by amateurish poets who have been specifically asked to restrict themselves to cliched words like ‘Khamoshiyan’ ‘akelapan’ etc and be as random as possible.

If at all you are ‘every friday movie goer’ like me, go kill yourself with this one. Else, watch a rerun of ‘Shabd’ for an ‘unpretentious’ take on a similar plot.

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