PIKU – It is full of shit, quite literally!

A Bengali household with a crotchety, constipated old man, an erratic and rude daughter and a few impeding relatives, on an extended dinner conversation – that’s PIKU for you.
While the story revolves in, out and around the chronicles of a human excretory system, it delivers humor in the most inescapable way. They throw shit conversations at each other quite literally. You might shy away or cringe initially at the descriptive narration of the morning affairs, but then it grows into you to the extent that all you can do is smile and empathize with Bhaskor’s every day struggle.

The shrewish Bhaskor (Amitabh Bachchan) will remind you of your dyspeptic uncle whose ’emotions’ are predominantly governed by his ‘motions’. While it is inevitable that whatever he does would be a marvel, but Amitabh as Bhaskor Banerjee, raises the notch up to skyrocketing levels. The characteristics of an old man are perfectly exaggerated with him being a Bengali. He is self- aware, intellectually evolved and perpetually critical like every third CR park resident.

Piku on the other hand steals your heart with her eccentricities. She is not fun to be with, if looks excused she is almost unattractive. Her lifeless battle between baby sitting, working, and finding a suitor for herself is unlike what we’ve ever seen of Deepika. The fact that she casually discusses the quantams of his bowels over her dinner dates, is the epitome of her love for her overgrown childlike father.
Irrfan Khan as Rana the taxi driver/owner is at his usual best, with is candid one liners. Stuck in a trip amidst this family drama, he manages to bring some welcoming sanity to their oddness. The impeccable conversations between the two veteran actors and the subtle romance between Piku and Rana keeps the toilet humor acceptable.

To watch Moushumi Chatterjee onscreen after such a long time makes you wonder why isn’t she seen more often. The progressive, outspoken, warm aunt is played by her with flawless ease.

With no preachy morals, forced romantic angle,  PIKU sticks to realism and shines as it represents life in its ordinariness. 


3 thoughts on “PIKU – It is full of shit, quite literally!

  1. Sri Iyer says:

    I love the ending: “With no preachy morals, forced romantic angle, PIKU sticks to realism and shines as it represents life in its ordinariness.” – Perfect summary

    Characters so aptly described as well, & a wonderful writing. Having watched Piku myself, couldn't agree with you more!

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