Kapoor & Sons – Reality meets Dharma charm and gives you a roller coaster ride of emotions

With Kapoor & Sons, Bollywood has finally come to terms with the fact that problem free, extremely successful, perpetually singing and dancing and happily ever after families do not exist, not in today’s time at least. And that in itself is applaud worthy.

K&S on the face of it is your Dharma family drama with all the quirky characters, the song and dance, the romance, the tears, the humor etc. But it is Shakun Batra’s finesse with the layered narrative that ups the ante for Bollywood’s any attempt in this genre. A dysfunctional family that manages to get on each others nerve every now and then, so much so that sometimes you can’t help but giggle at its resemblance to reality. Having said that, what works as an icing on the cake is its exemplary ensemble. The idiosyncrasies and unassuming wit of these characters combined together gives you the brilliant collective that K&S is.

Sidharth Malhotra as Arjun Kapoor plays a struggling novelist. The confused, less pampered, younger brother, with a constant urge to find his true calling. While he more than fulfills the old ‘ good looks, good looks and good looks’ criteria, the acting bit lacks some substance especially with a brilliant cast around him.

Fawad Khan as Rahul (yes, everything else can change but we’ve gotta stick to the names), the calm, successful, best-selling author. His powerful performance and ridiculously drool-worthy appearance justifies his crazy fan following. He must be given all due credit to stand out so vividly amidst a full house of competent talent.
Alia as Tia sadly does not bring anything new to the table. She comfortably delivers the old boho/ pixie, girl next door with a sob story bit. And that’s that.
Ratna Pathak Shah for me, would be truly someone who holds the whole noisy, fragile, mad Kapoors to the ground. She has her own faults, issues and even inefficiencies that are completely human, but in the end that motherly compassion wins it all. It is with acts like these that you are left in awe of the talent that experienced theater artists pose. Rajat Kapoor as ‘The Kapoor’ of course delivers a class act as expected. You recognize this couple as someone you know, and that is where start loving their madness.
The cherry on the top is, with no doubts, the adorable ‘Daadu’ (Rishi Kapoor) who has an undying love for porn and simultaneously a longing to get a perfect family picture clicked. He is super up on his wit and one liners game and is sure to leave you in splits.
The film is about moments, for there’s one in which a plumber is awkwardly stuck between the husband and the wife’s diametrically opposite directions (haven’t we all experienced that?), one where you are handed over a lollipop instead of change at a toll, a failed driving lesson, some baseless arguments and a hell lot of confessions (all in a matter of last 20 mins).
Watch Kapoor and Sons for everything above and the nostalgia captured in that one imperfect perfect  family picture!

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