Giethoorn – Fall in love this with this fairytale village in Netherlands

For Euro trip first-timers, our itinerary was rather heavily bent towards countryside exploration than the usual tourist bustling destinations.

This inclination led to our internet discovery of Giethoorn –  a place that can be only be described as a Dream!

Gorgeous thatched –roof farmhouses sitting amid fairytale gardens connected by small canals. The picture is almost unreal to imagine for a city dweller. Located only a few hours away from Amsterdam, we had this on the top of our ‘must-visit’ places in the Netherlands. The pictures hardly do only some justice to this idyllic village but are compelling enough for Geithoorn to make way to your bucket list.

Getting around

We drove down to Geithoorn from Duisburg (Germany) which is a beautiful 2 hours stretch. You can also book day tours from Amsterdam to reach here.

Fondly known as the ‘Dutch Venice’ the best way to explore Geithoorn is through the water.Once you park your vehicles outside the town (which is a mandate), you’ll easily locate these B&B places or restaurants which also rent ‘whisper boats’. As the name suggests, the boats are noiseless and the only sound you hear is of ducks quacking. Based on the time you have, you can rent them for few hours to half a day. Though the serenity does cast a spell on you, half a day should be enough to ride through the whole of Geithoorn.

Connected through almost 180 bridges, walking or renting bikes is also an alternate option.

Things to do

For once, do nothing! Simply disconnect and appreciate the art that nature is.

If that doesn’t amuse you,

  • There is enough inspiration for photographers ( or Instagrammers)
  • You can take a hiking trail
  • Explore museum (only one we saw)
  • Visit one of the restaurants/cafes (slightly overpriced)
  • Stay for a night in one of the B&B places if you just haven’t dreamt enough

Best time to visit

Mostly July to September as you see some Sun. October is the next best option.

Even as I write this, I am making plans to go again and stay a little longer in this beautiful live painting. Chuck a day off from your shopping or partying if you have to, but make sure to experience the magic of Geithoorn on your trip to the Netherlands.

And as a Bollywood fan would have it, quoting this for the Netherlands and not Switzerland for a change…..‘Come Fall in Love….’

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