Four More Shots Please (2) – No more seasons please

Who are these women? Where do I meet them? Never in my 10 years of living in Mumbai have I ever crossed paths with anyone who remotely comes close to this misplaced idea of ‘modern independent women’. But this is season 2, so there is clearly some audience there who wants be blinded by cliches and stereotypes.  It is disappointing how very few stories are written about female friendships and when fewer of them see the light of the day, they are left so one-dimensional.

If the writers wanted to create an aspirational world for women with liberation written in bold, it’s a half-hearted attempt. They have created a delusional world where the society oscillates between regressive (glass ceiling, body shaming etc.) & progressive (open marriage, co-parenting, same sex marriage, etc.) to fit into their narrative of showcasing ‘girl power’. These conflicting ideas leave us with very less place to relate to any situation or character.

Keeping judgements aside, let us admit to the parallel universe that this show has unabashedly assumed. Cinematically, it is pleasing to the eyes yes. Designer clothes, great locations and  good looking actors, I mean you place Milind Soman in each episode and expect us to complain less, well played. But the distraction doesn’t last too long. Despite fashion being at the core of this series, even that has not been fully used to define each character’s personality. Their personal styles remain pretty interchangeable (except Bani J).  That’s just to say how superficial the writing is. Also with posh offices, slick apartments and fancy restaurants, it is difficult to take their troubles seriously.

These are just 4 woke characters with lives symbolic of a culture movement where feminism is trendy.   

Always dressed for the ramp, they meet at a bar for shots and hear-to-heart talks. Nobody really listens to each other. If one opens up about her problems, the other piles up with her own problems and when all of them have had their turns, they drown in sorrow and alcohol. This understanding of female friendships disappoints, especially when the entire team behind the camera is also women. Yes, we (women) bond over drinks and banter, even dressing up and partying sometimes, but that drama is not on 24*7. But maybe ambitious women in ill fit pyjamas and messy hair discussing real life issues over a cup of coffee is not a blockbuster idea.

Having said all that, it’s a cast of all great actors who look and perform really well to make it all bearable. The script is un-inclusive and might appeal to a certain section. This show is not here to deliver hard punches, it’s just a fashion lit good looking story going all out to find its place among male dominant sagas.

Going with 2/5 cutting rating.

3 thoughts on “Four More Shots Please (2) – No more seasons please

  1. Pranali says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!

    Also the only good thing about this show is soundtrack!
    They have created amazing music for each of the circumstances!
    S1 is was better than S2.

    And not waiting for S3 at all!

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