Feels Like Ishq | Cutting Review | Netflix | Refreshing non love stories

6 heartwarming stories that are easy to forget but make for a pleasant snackable content. Mostly millennial stories of strangers finding something like love in unexpected places.

The Interview

My favorite was The interview starring Neeraj Madhav for this one wasn’t even about love. We’ve all these moments when someone we just met said or did something that stayed with us forever. The Interview captures one such moment beautifully without imposing love.

Quaranteen Crush

Quaranteen Crush is also cute and keeps the innocence and boundaries intact despite being relevant.

Star Host

Star Host is mushy but elevated by the charisma of Rohit Saraf and the gorgeous landscapes of Mahabaleshwar.

Save the Da(y)te

Save the date again is full of cliches about love and marriage but still enjoyable because of the strong performances.

She loves me she loves me not

She loves me she loves me not is an LGBT story which feels like a manadate these days, thankfully this one is done sensitively and is not outrageous.

Ishq Mastana

My least favorite has to be Ishq Mastana because the premise itself feels synthetic to start with.

Watch them one at a time or binge them, these 30 min stories are mostly intended to put a smile on your face.  

Cutting Rating : 3/5

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