Drishyam 2 : The Resumption |Cutting Review |A Solid & fitting sequel

Very rarely do we see sequels superseding the success of a popular movie, especially a thriller. The first part left us with a satisfying closure where the hero – a common man, won against all odds – the system.  All possibilities were explored and we were convinced that with this end, the dead and the alive can rest in peace.  Drishyam 2 starts off by challenging this very assumption, and gives a befitting if not a better part 2.  

The story is set six years after one life-changing night in a quaint village of Kerala. We spend a good amount of time exploring the changed dynamics of GeorgeKutty and his family now. They are close knit, yet constantly clouded by the uncertainty of their freedom. Villagers are talking behind their backs and police are reinvestigating the case. The first half stretches to be borderline boring with a very questionable pace for a thriller. Multiple new characters with their prolonged introductions leav us confused about their contribution to the narrative. Also, familiarity to the entire context breeds fatigue.

But by interval time, the film rewards our patience with an unexpected twist that reinstates your faith in Jeethu Joseph’s direction.  This is where the film suddenly picks up pace and delivers back to back plot twists and all the seemingly pointless pieces start falling into place. In all probability you will see none of it coming. Not just because Georgekutty’s intelligence is unmatchable but also because it is almost unreal. The climax here is not as organic as part 1 and seems much more convoluted for the sake of upping the ante. The film itself admits to its dependence on ‘luck’.  Nevertheless it is gripping and detailed to perfection.

Of course Mohanlal steals the show. His range from an affable cable (now movie theatre) owner to a calculative and fierce family man is outstanding.  He is aptly supported by the entire cast.

This time around the film also gives a moral commentary on the afterlife of a criminal. While you are still rooting for Georgekutty, you finally come to terms with the fact that nobody really wins here.  To reopen a closed chapter with no loose ends and yet weave an intriguing story definitely deserves an applause.  Drishyam 2 – The resumption despite its mild flaws, is still a treat to watch.

Going with 3.5/5 for this one.

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