Dobby The Chef

Fresh Dog Food deilvered to your doorstep

We serve healthy & wholesome meals to all our good doggo pals in the city, certified by vets and approved by our Chef in charge – Dobby. Fill in your details below and we would love to serve you soon!


Fresh Meals

Open the Packet, take the meal out; that’s it there are no more steps. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just like that introduce your dog to a fresh and healthy diet made from Human Grade Ingredients.

Yummy Birthday Cakes

Hosting a birthday party for your pet? Order these decadent freshly oven baked cakes with your choice of flavor and toppings. Your paw friends are going to be drooling!

Crispy Cookies

Presenting the Crispy and Crunchy homemade cookies with heavenly aroma and melting sweetness. Get ready for all the midnight stealing from the cookie jars!

Why choose us?

  • Fresh and customised 
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Vet Approved
  • Home delivered

About US 


A dog food brand delivering fresh and tempting meals to all the good doggo bois and gals of the city right at their doorstep. Currently only serving in Nagpur.