A Gentleman – Excels in ‘good looks’, rest is a safe action romedy

Seems like a year of double role movies. Like every other story of this genre, there are two characters diametrically opposite of each other. One, a walking talking matrimonial ad and the other a mysteriously cool bad guy. The only difference between the two looks is credited to the redundant brand integration of hair gel. Fortunately, there is more to the usual drill to keep you hooked.

Rishi, a quintessential metro sexual guy in Miami, owns a swanky house and dreams of settling down soon. Kavya is his office colleague who has friend-zoned this guy because he is too safe (read boring). And there is a tattoo clad (because tattoo means bad boy) Gaurav somewhere in Bangkok, riding bikes and jumping buildings. How these three come together makes up for a smooth narrative, only till first half.

With two gorgeous looking non-actors in lead roles, the directors sure had a task in hand. Kudos to Raj and DK for having made their performances watchable. Jacqueline’s pole dancing skills make up for her always wide-eyed look and Sid’s hot bod and suave keep demands enough ogling to ignore the lack of expression. The tightly shot action sequences are clever and seem plausible. Comic timing is a little off. You feel a gap has been left for you to crack up at every attempt of a punch, that’s your cue, laugh if you will. Shot in Miami, Bangkok, Goa, and Mumbai, overall the cinematography looks swank and new age. There is only one unpredictable twist in the story that is revealed much too soon.  Post that, there is no thrill in this action romedy. The songs are hummable but don’t add much to the narrative, except ‘bandook meri Laila’ which works well as background score. The good part is there aren’t too many songs despite this being a complete Bollywood commercial flick. There is also a cameo by Sunil Shetty, and he looks better than his ‘Jhanjhariya’ days.

A Gentleman, with all its clichés, is sunder and susheel, but no risks whatsoever. It sure is a masala entertainer for a dull weekend.

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