Yashraj is unarguably one production house that has given Bollywood one of its most celebrated romances of all times. If you look back at the list of some of their legendary makes – Kabhie Kabhie, Chandni, Lamhe, DDLJ, Dil To Pagal hai and many more, YRF has been brave, experimental, has broken moulds and also has created some of the love- cliches that a filmy romantic swears by.

BeFikre is another such courageous attempt, at what one might refer to as a ‘modern love story’. It starts off with picking up the obvious ingredients of a crowd- pleasing romcom. A brilliant looking foreign location handled with an equally splendid camera work and a pair of hot looking leads, sets the mood right for an entertaining watch. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do with an unsubstantial plot.

A quick-witted, typical Delhi ka launda (Dharam) and a French/Indian hot tourist guide (Shyra) fall for each other through a series of bold dares and in numerous lip locks. Yes, that is the only apparent reason for their attraction towards each other – loud craziness and lust. Soon we see them moving in with each other, but the fire between these two is restricted only to the bedroom. There is no chemistry per say in the first half. All that there is, is the making out. Through a back and forth of flashbacks, the second half shows an interesting turn of events when these two break up but decide to stay friends. This is when there are some well captured funny and cute moments. But guess what, as Monish Bahl once said – ‘ Ek Ladka aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Hosakte’. *drum rolls*

While there is a conscious effort to portray the dynamics of a progressive relationship, it only looks like a mimic of Hollywood romcom which wants to justify all the coolness by being all ‘Sanskaari’ in the end.

Ranveer Singh is the whole and soul Hero who carries this promiscuous love story on his brawny shoulders. As Aditya Chopra rightly envisioned, and also mentioned in his open letter, Befikre could not have been possible without Ranveer. We cannot imagine anyone else match up to his raunchy and obnoxious charm that keeps you glued to this long and humdrum watch.

Vani Kapoor as Shyra does justice to her role and tries her best to match the strong persona of her partner. Its sad how her appearance on the camera isn’t the most appealing sight, but considering this being only her second movie, she looks at ease onscreen. Not to mention her flawless French (for all we know) & the dancing that’ll swoop you off your feet!

Music by Vishal- Shekar is entertaining, but nothing that will last long.

Befikre looks like it is posited to please the youth, but is neither aspirational nor relatable (despite CBFC being so kind). Paris to Befikre is what Switzerland was to DDLJ, but the timing is a decade late. We as an audience have risen a bit (if not completely) above touristy locations and cliches. We expect a story, and Befikre lacks one. Watch it (if at all) for Ranveer and some dispersed moments of joy here and there.


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