House Arrest (Netflix Original) – Watching it in one go does feel like an ‘arrest’

Yes, the idea of digital content is to experiment, explore unique or seemingly bizarre concepts. But with platforms like Netflix, the standards have been set high and it cannot become a dumping ground for failed experiments (Bard of Blood, Drive and point in case  House Arrest)

What we have here is the concept of ‘hikikomori’ – a Japanese societal phenomenon of isolation. Great idea, but does that make a great movie?  Far from it.

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Ghost Stories – 4 experimental stories, one inappropriate name

Let us leave aside the name, because that’s a lie.

These are four stories or rather interpretations of darker human psyches. Some makers have played safe and some have pushed boundaries, the result is inconsistent. Indian filmmakers have started treating Netflix as a testing ground for their unfulfilled creativity that was too brave for mainstream. We the digital audience are the guinea pigs, so expect to be surprised, manipulated, cheated and sometimes times intrigued.

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