Respected Adarniya UNGLI

Someone probably watched the two shows ‘Office office’ and ‘CID’  back to back in a not so sober state to have mixed it up to make a half- witted movie of some genre that I cannot comprehend as of now.

Five absolutely random people picked up in a hurry to quickly form a group, that pretends to act like a team of vigilantes- that’s the UNGLI gang for you. The story begins with an absence of any useful introduction of the characters. They are just thrown at your face so that they can quickly begin the vacuous tasks to fight against the corrupt system. The problems as well as the solutions are so simplistic that you don’t even see the need of five people for such petty implementations of some praisable ideas. Fighting against corruption is one thing that should not fail with the Indian audiences if the right buttons are pressed. But sadly this is one is a very TV soap version of Rang De Basanti, that too gone wrong!

There is a lot of dialogue- baazi in the movie that might provoke some slow claps if cheesy is your style. One of my favorites being ‘Aaansu se sirf Whisky dilute hoti hai sir’. Randeep Hooda does justice to his role of a TV journalist, Kangana is a wasted talent in the group and there are two other kids who look like the ‘kachha nimbu’s of the gang.

The only powerful UNGLI in the movie is that of Emraan Hashmi’s. He is the only man who is able to emote and justify the plot which is otherwise all over the place. You feel lost and lazy while watching the movie because there are too many things that have been just touched upon and left for you to contemplate. For e.g, we don’t know how and why these guys are such close buddies, or why did they need such rigorous physical training even before inception of the UNGLI gang. The forced romantic angle between Emraan and Kangana is as unnecessary as Randeep Hooda’s clone (Neel Bhoopalam).

Good thing is that the pace is not a drag and it gets over before it gets annoying. Music is restricted to Dance Basanti, and that too looks very tasteless on the big screen. There are too many things gone wrong for one to point out, but overall it is a one time watch for all the Hashmi fans & for those who don’t trust my reviews yet :p


Pick the oldest memory of Kya Kehna, add two spoons of Salam Namaste, a pinch of Hum Tum ‘swaad anusar’ and there you have the tried and tested, rather tired & tested formula for Saif’s character.Yudi is a writer, with a writer’s block and commitment issues, the whole movie is as original as this plot. The good thing is that since Saif’s a pro with this by now, he plays Yudi with a agreeable ease. As an audience, the character seems acquainted, because in your mind it’s more of a sequel than a new movie.
As far as Ileana is concerned, well she’s just there. There are good actors, there are bad actors and there is Ileana. It is unfortunate how she is doing almost everything right to be ‘Aanchal’ ,another one book writer with commitment issues, but it fails to register. There is something about her that is not right, so much so that you don’t even want to believe that Aanchal exists. Her screen presence is so flat and lifeless that even the skin show doesn’t save it. The name of her book reminds me of lame Yahoo ids first timers use to create, ‘Crazy Hearts’, enough said!
The first half of the movie tirelessly introduces and justifies Yudi’s character, more than we would care to know.
Amidst this drab pretense of an unusual love story, are some life saving characters.
‘Montu’ played by Ranveer Shorey is an adorable BFF, and one reason to not leave in the interval.
His one liners like ‘Karma is being Bitchy bro’ validate the genre of this movie. You would wish there was more of him than Saif.
Kalki Koechlin as a stalking girlfriend charms us with her versatility and it is refreshing to see Preity Zinta after such a long time.
The scene stealer ofcourse is our very own No.1 actor Govinda. He plays a typical bollywood narcissist, and is the only ‘new’ thing about this movie. Every time he appears on screen he raises the energy meter so high that you just want to pause and be amused by his guise
The casting of the movie is perfect, and all the actors have done complete justice (except one of course) in whatever limited scope they had.
The tonality on the whole is refreshing yet confused. In an attempt to be a mockery of, yet not so divergent from, the usual Rom-Coms, it leaves us with nothing to take away.
The music does deserve a special mention and will definitely linger on your playlists for a while, but other than that ‘Happy Ending’ is a lost cause that could have been much happier!