14 PHERE | Cutting Review | Zee5 | Easily passable

We all need some frivolous content once in a while that promises nothing beyond harmless entertainment. 14 phere starts off feeling just the right choice for a breezy watch. A young just of college couple, different casts, want to get married but with maa baap ki marzi. Concept wise it is quintessential Bollywood and they themselves make reference to QSQT to call out the obvious and also to suggest that this is supposed to be a fresh take.

Let’s talk about the good things first because they are few. Vikrant Massey and Kirti Kharbanda’s chemistry is organic & fresh. Although its tough to match the prowess of Vikrant massey, Kirti Kharbhanda has a very likeable screen precense. The dialect feels authentic. It’s a clean family comedy which is rare these days and there is a beautiful song by Rekha Bhardwaj which is again a breath of fresh air.

Coming to the negatives. This is a khichdi of inspirations, of many Priyardarshan and Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies. It has the elements of a typical comedy of errors, but it misses the quirky characters, frequent punchlines and a tightly packed script. There are these moments of emptiness where the joke doesn’t land, and even longer moments when there isn’t any emotion at all. And the biggest disappointment comes in a half baked climax.

I wish there were more jokes and maybe a bigger cast to make this more watchable.

Going with 2/5 for this one.

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